Action in Infrared!!!

Get Your Camera Moded

I recommend LifePixel. They do excellent work at a fair price. They also offer several variations on the mod to suit your preference.

Don't Rely on Autofocus

To get this shot I setup on a tripod and manually set focus to where I knew the action would be.

Set Shutter Speed to Freeze the Action

This may seem rather obvious, but its important. I took this shot with the motorcycles in TV mode at 1/320 of a second using a moded Canon 60D.

Bracket Your Exposures

I have found exposure to be quite difficult to judge when shooting Infrared. Many times the exposure I thought would be correct wasn't even close. That is why I always bracket Infrared photography to two stops. For every Infrared composition I take three shots.

This brings me back to why I am shooting in TV mode. Normally I wouldn't use that mode, but the Canon 60D, and many other cameras, will change your shutter speed when bracketing. Even if shooting in Manual mode with the ISO set to auto.


For fast action shots like this in Infrared I recommend. Manually focus and be sure to disable autofocus. Shoot in TV mode. Set shutter speed fast enough for the action. Set ISO to Auto. Bracket every shot by one exposure two stops over, and one exposure two stops under, then pick the best one in post processing.

Infrared photography is alot of fun and I highly encourage every landscape photographer to give it a try!